About Us

As a member of law enforcement in Maryland for nearly 28 years, I was simply looking to get our agency patch on a rug. In no time, I was inundated with request for orders from others within our department.

Over the course of the next several months I started streamlining the process and improving the product for other police, fire and local business across the country.

Through word of mouth my business has grown. Today clients include retail service and manufacturing business, as well as homeowners looking for a special detail to their entryway or keepsake.

I was Lets RUGit’s first customer. As such I positioned the company in knowing what the client’s needs were. This insight coupled with unwillingness to deliver any product short of perfection has been the foundation on which the business has grown.  I, Scott Brent, look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

 Making a lasting impression on visitors to your business or organization with professional quality, custom designed rugs by RUGit.

RUGit offers specialty rugs developed with you in mind, it’s really quite simple. Put your logo or other image (Photo, patch or other material on a rug)

RUGit serves a vast array of clientele, such as; business, large and small; manufacturing and service companies; police and fire departments nationwide; legislators; and even private clients seeking a beautiful product for their home.

The professionally designed rugs offer function and beauty, a true focal point.

My designed rug WILL withstand high traffic areas, while retaining their beauty, Lets RUGit Rugs are assembled with only the finest material available. RUGit proudly offers:

  • Colorful, durable fade resistant fibers

  • Patented color-blending technology achieves realistic photograph effects

  • Computer Dye injection yields fiber penetration for a long-lasting color

  • Dirt & water retention capacity helps keep your business clean

  • Nitrite rubber backing prevents slipping & marking

  • Full color spectrum available

  • 3-D design techniques available including color gradient

  • Safe to use on any floor surface, even wood

  • A large selection of sizes from a 2x3 to 5x20 even larger if requested

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance standard laundry soap and water in a home or commercial machine